Pro Tour LTD - Precision Frame - Metallic Gold - Hard

€ 320,00

The Pro Tour Limited padel bats are the result of years of research and development in the world of padel bats. The entire collection is built by craftsmen with over 30 years of experience in padel bat construction. Our brand new shape takes elements from the best bats around the world and incorporates lessons we have learned over 10 years of composite fieldhockey stick construction.

The Power Frame – Hard bat is our take on the well known teardrop shape. We have redesigned the tra- ditional shape featuring elements to give it more structural stability as well as longevity. The frame itself features a 3D geometric side profile, shaped to provide extra stiffness without adding weight. This is also the only bat in our collection with metallic reinforced carbon, which has an even higher weight to stiffness ratio than normal woven carbon.

The high density, hard touch EVA foam provides excellent power delivery, without sacrificing precision on all strokes. Its balance centerpoint is more towards the head of the bat. This higher density foam also brings along a bit of extra weight, which again helps in generating power behind your smashes and offensive plays.


  • Redeveloped twin-tube carbon frame – A 100% Japanese carbon frame –

    reshaped for pristine stiffness providing power and accuracy.

  • High Density EVA foam – A harder touch with excellent power output

  • 100% metallic reinforced carbon face – Extremely high weight/stiffness ratio

  • 3D surface – A textured surface offering extra spin in all game situations

  • Geometric profile for extra stability and stiffness

  • Weight between 370 and 390 grams